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Unlock Hard Locked Blackberry

Unlock Blackberry Hard Locked with Zero tries left Solution Reset MEP 0

We received a lot of questions about the Blackberry with blocked counter MEP 0 so I am writing this article to review the existing methods allows to unlock your Blackberry MEP with the famous Zero .
Sometimes this kind of error [ Enter Network MEP code (0 left) ] on your BlackBerry when you try to enter an unlock code more than 10 times, causing a blockage of your Blackberry cell phone.

In this case, we say that your Blackberry is Hardlocked ,that means Mep Loaded Hard Locked Mep Code 0 Tries Left, and even if you buy an unlock code correct, it will not be taken into account following the Mep counter limited. Blackberry-hardlocked-0 MEP
I will not conceal from you that little free solution are available for this type of blockage.
I'll give you a summary of all the existing and workable solution without breaking the bank.
Some online store , offers you Unlock Blackberry Hard Locked for $ 80 Or more expensive than this price.
Is really reasonable? at this price, many look for another phone.

Other methods bullshit is to pay a guy on the other side of the planet so that you unlock your Blackberry by connecting to your pc for 69 € without warranty.But fortunately, a free solution can unlock your Blackberry MEP counter but that only works on some models.

Enter Network MEP code (0 left)


1 - Install Blackberry Desktop Manager from here OR here
2 - Connect your PC to Blackbery
3 - Open the Boot ROM software that will ask the user unlock code if you have one.
4 - If you have not, it will automatically update your rom.
5 - Your Blackberry reboots and your MEP counter is reset automatically .
6 - You then have another 10 attempts to enter your unlock code.

Links :

1) Rom Booter: rom-booter-Blackberry Get it

2) Another free solution is available for the Blackberry 9000 RIM-Wireless Get it

There seems also another method is to use a Turbo Sim card and which seems functional because the release occurs independently of blocking Mep.
turbo-sim-cardThis card costs a few euros and will unlock many phones.

The following Blackberry models included with this card:

BlackBerry: 8700f, 7130g, Bold, 9000, 7130c, Pearl 8110, 7130v, 8120, 8707v, Curve 8320, 8700c, Curve 8310, 7100x, Curve 8300, 7100t, 8810, 8300, 8820, 7100v, 8830, 7290, 8800, 7730, 7230, 6230, 6720.This method seems the most affordable because it requires no technical knowledge and costs little compared to the services rendered, and it can also unlock other phone models and is reusable as you want.

* NOTE This card is not compatible with Android Smartphones and iPhones.

Choose the method best suited to you ,and know that we will be able to provide Turbo Sim Card at affordable prices. To do this, do not hesitate to contact us.

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  1. Ias this real? Can u reset my mep counter for a 9900 blackberry bold?

  2. is this real? Can it really reset my mep counter on my hardlocked bold 9900?????

  3. yes!! just try
    & it's totally free

  4. i tried rom booter to reset my mep "0" try rset but its not working on my bb 8520, please let me know what to do now

  5. boot room not working on new bb models only works on 7 series

  6. Hi where can i get A turbo sim kit ? Im from trinidad


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