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Nokia Sim Unlock Code Generator

Nokia SIM unlock code generator :how to Unlocking Nokia BB5 cell phone

This guide summarizes the steps to unlock the Nokia N70 using nokia sim unlock code generator .
Please note that I share this information only to guide you throughout the process.
This can damage your phone if it is not done properly.

Not being the author of the application, I can not guarantee anything. You are solely responsible for your actions. Good luck!
For those who do not know what "sim unlocker", here's a definition:
"Unlocker" means unlock a locked phone with a contract mobile phone operator to allow use of a SIM card from any operator. For example, a phone bought from Rogers can only be used on the Rogers network (unless you unlocking you cell phone ).

In the situation where I am, I had a phone unlocker Nokia N70 which was locked to the Orange network in Europe. The best way to know if your phone is barred is to insert a SIM card from another phone service provider. If the phone tells you that the SIM card can be used, the phone is probably locked. You can phone unlocker by going to specialty stores and pay a certain amount (often $ 50). In my case, I preferred to do the operation myself.

Explained the technique worked with the Nokia N70, but also all other models BB5 protected by the system. These are listed below:

Nokia 3250

Nokia 5500

Nokia 6125 Nokia 6126 Nokia 6131 Nokia 6136 Nokia 6233 Nokia 6234

Nokia 6280 Nokia 6630 Nokia 6680 Nokia 6681 Nokia 6682 Nokia 6270

Nokia 7370

Nokia N70 Nokia N71 Nokia N72 Nokia N73 Nokia N93 nokia sim unlock code generator

Nokia N80 Nokia N90 Nokia N91 Nokia N92

Nokia E50 Nokia E60 Nokia E61

Nokia E62 Nokia E70

Required material :

A DKU-5 cable, for connecting your phone via USB. (It is possible to buy a DKU-5 on eBay for a bargain price, I bought mine at $ 3 in China)

BB5 mobile phone functional (see list above)

Prolific driver for the DKU-5 download from this link

The nokia sim unlock code generator Or BB5 unlocker executable amended by vinny_xel (originally by Dejan Kaljevic)  download from this link

1. Installing the driver for the Prolific DKU-5
Install the driver for the Prolific DKU-5 cable. Installation is very simple, so no need to dwell on explanations. After installation, remove the SIM card of the device, open your phone and plug in your wire connected to your cell phone in one of the USB port on your computer. Windows should correctly recognize the cable and install it as it should.

DKU-5 cable

2. Starting BB5 config COM Selector and configuration
Open the executable file BB5 config COM Selector.exe. You should see a list of available COM ports. Double-click on the "Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port (COM4)" and wait for the application generates a configuration file.

BB5 config COM Selector

When setup is complete, click the "BB5 unlocker".
3. Reading information from the phone and SIM protection
In order to BB5 unlocker your phone, nokia sim unlock code generator should read specific information available in memory. Click "Read Phone".

"BB5 unlocker"

If it does not work the first time, try again another time. The connection does not always work the first time. Also try closing / opening your phone and click on the button when starting the phone.
4. Creation and calculation of log file
If reading the information on your phone goes as it should, you should see information such as your Phone ID and IMEI (the information was hidden in the photo). Click on "Create / Calc Log" to generate and calculate the log file.

BB5 unlocker nokia

If the operation goes well, you should get this window.

BB5 unlocker

Following this message, nokia sim unlock code generator (BB5 unlocker) should have created the following files:
/ logs / ************** _BB5.log (unreadable file containing the 308.1 scope of your phone to calculate the codes for your phone unlocker)
/ psw/352753016559708_BB5.psw (file containing code for unlocker)
If you have not got the previous message "Log Files found Uncomputed and (re) Calculated", try again, close / open your phone and try again.
5. Unlocker phone
From now on, you have everything you need to free your phone. It'll just press "Unlock SP" and you should get this message of success!

unlocking nokia cell phone

This is the message "SUCCESS, phone IS UNLOCKED! "That confirms the success of the operation. Now, just try your phone with a SIM card from another phone company!
If you have any questions about nokia sim unlock code generator , please feel free to post a comment!

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  1. Prolific driver link is not working anymore ... is there any place i can get it, plss?

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