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Blackberry Unlock Code Calculator

Your guide on how to To unlock your blackberry phone :

blackberry unlock code calculator

You can unlock your Blackberry immediately without waiting for 24H using blackberry unlock code calculator a software that calculates your unlock code directly via the Mep .

What is the Mep ?
The MEP is a serial number identifier of the operator (provider) of the Blackberry.
Example: MEP-07723-005 = Orange FR

Unlocking is done in two important steps!

Know that a release procedure is not without risk, our site will not be liable in case of mishandling or damage to your phone!
Be vigilant!

And if at the end of this tutorial, the code does not work, do not insist, your Blackberry is not compatible with this method!
Now that you are warned and if you ready we can start

how to To unlock your blackberry phone

To unlock blackberry, you must have:

- A fully charged Blackberry!
- The imei of your phone
- The MEP of your phone
- Software blackberry unlock code calculator

STEP 1: how to get your Mep & imei

To find out how to get your imei & Mep you need to read this article : how to get your Blackberry mep & imei

STEP 2: how to unlock Blackberry

1 - Once you have the Mep , donwload this Software blackberry unlock code calculator from here &  open it 
2 - Go into the "code calculator" and enter your IMEI your Mep you've got just before with MEP Reader.

3 - Click on "Read Codes" with the Blackberry Code Calculator Software 

blackberry unlock code calculator

4 -Wait for a moment ; The software you appear the codes to unlock your blackberry. { MEP2 (NCK) is the key that we are looking for} Congratulations ! Mission accomplished

NOTE 1 : This is the Compatible Models

blackberry unlock code

NOTE 2 : To learn how to enter your unlock code check out this article : How to enter my Unlock Code on BlackBerry

(+ video tutorial ) that show you how to enter unlock codes for each BB Models .

be checking back regularly to look for updates about blackberry unlock code calculator

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  1. i can't believe that it actually worked.you guys are a lifesavers. thanks a billion

  2. Does this actually work and isit free?!

  3. Yes it's totally free
    Just follow the instructions
    Don't Forget to Share Subscribe & LIKE this thread

  4. F%$k Yeah!!! This shit really WORKS :) THANKS ALOT........ unlocked a bb9700

  5. como le se el mep a mi blackberry es movistar

    1. To find out how to get your imei & Mep you need to read this article :


  6. You F***ing .... !#$@%¨&* ###!#$¨&@% ... This realy works OMG. Thanks dude!!!!

  7. Message when downloading the files...

    An internal error occurred: 4E48623FA5AB8.AA41346.7ACE


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